Seeva Life

Seeva Property

Seeva Property is a unique system to support Property managers, tenants and owners in a transparent manner via a live application.

Key functions can be outlined as follows, but not limited to as our system can be customized for special needs as may be necessary.

The key strengths of Seeva Property is the ability for all stakeholders to access live status reporting of the property via the application, all parties access the same live information, images without the need for emails, conversations or inspections, all responses are tracked by users as records of time, date and name of users.

  • Automated push notification of property changes.
  • Maintenance Live status tracking.
  • Owner push notifications and approvals status.
  • Dispute resolution simplified via Live tracking, images and property status.
  • Emergency push notifications.
  • Live mobile Property Data Base.
  • Managers automated property inspection templates via Web enabled Application.
  • Tenants automated property inspection report, with live “Check In” reporting on status of acceptance.
  • Live status of property, image and notices available to all authorised users.